Podiatry Santa Rosa & Sebastopol CA


I think care for ones feet is a very important part of health care, yet it is part of the body that we neglect the most. They are what get us from point A to point B in our daily lives. That is why I think that everyone at least at some point in their lives should have their feet evaluated primarily for prevention purposes for future problems. I have had problems with my own feet when I was a child and know how it is to have foot pain. Since then I have always wanted to provide help to others with problems with their own feet.

Many people have a misunderstanding of what a Podiatrist does and is capable of treating. Our primary purpose in the medical field is preventative medicine in catching problems early and reducing the chances of more complicated ones in the future. Palliative or preventative care for Diabetic patients is a large part of our care. Many people think we just trim nails, but that is far from the truth. That is part of the preventative medicine we practice but physicians such as myself also take care of orthopedic problems of the foot and also the ankle. I am able to care for these problems either conservatively and if need be surgically. I do not feel that surgery should be the first step in treatment and reserve it for last only if I have tried everything possible conservatively. I feel that my patients should understand what their problems are and how to prevent it. Educating my patients I feel is more than half the treatment, because the more they know the faster they recover. I take time as much as possible to give as much information to my patients.

My office and staff are kind and polite and are there to help with any questions you have about your feet. I think being comfortable during your visit is also key to a good practice and also essential in patient recovery. Feel comfortable that you have your feet in our hands!


Deha Karaoglan, DPM